Montag, 21. Mai 2007

Surrounded by lunatics??

I don´t know what´s going on on this island. It seems like all the crazy people from the American mainland are concentrated here. No single day passed where I haven´t said: I am surrounded by lunatics!

Yesterday on the beach: I was sleeping a little bit in the sun. When I opened my eyes a man was standing on the small wall behind my head, looking me straight in the eyes, asking "What´s up?". He was bleeding on his legs and in his face, looking a bit dizzy and extremely confused. When I looked at him, saying "Erm, fine" and at the same time looking for my friends to help me just in case he fell down the wall. When he got up again he looked very dirty and even more confused. His look had the potential of a mass-murder. He then walked away like nothing had happened...Luckily I had no nightmares afterwards.

The other, probably strangest thing I have ever seen in my life was a woman about 50. She came towards me and some other people. She looked quite normal, no persons you would expect doing something weird. Suddenly she stopped walking, pulled down her pair of trousers including underwear and peed right on the street. The people passing her were insulted by her: "You idiots, get off my toilet!". She even had toilet paper with her and it was during a bright day, not in the darkness!

These were only my most disturbing experiences. I also had some other experiences, that I will share on demand, but as my little sister might also read this blog I will not write it here, what else I have seen....

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tja, du triffst killer kaczynski und aberdeen und wir haben am freitag mit herrn horst im zoo getanzt! *haha* beweis: