Freitag, 25. Mai 2007

Am I a sight?


There are a few things we are sure of, for example that Japanese people love taking pictures. Normally I don´t care about it, but when they´re taking pictures of me like I am an alien or some kind of sight a get a bit annoyed....

I was lying on beach, on my own. I soon recognized, that a group of Japanese guys looked at me all the time. I was preparing myself for a test in the afternoon and just tried to ignore them. I was successful until one of them decided to talk to me without even being able to build one single sentence in English.

I showed him my book, said "test" and "leave me alone". Of course he didn´t understand and continued annoying me. After 5 minutes talking to me without receiving an answer he finally left me alone - but not for good. After about 10 minutes he came back from behind me, accompanied by a friend. He satt next to me, asked "Can I take a picture of you?" and without waiting for an answer his friend took pictures. Completely bewildered the Japanese guys left me alone, after one of them showed me his baby-son on his mobile.......

But for the next time, when some completely idiotic people want to talk to me, take pictures of me, whatever,  I really try to be rude - so they don´t get the idea I am actually nice (;-) ) and can do everything with me.

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