Montag, 21. Mai 2007

Surfing USA

Yesterday was the big day: I tried surfing for the first time.  It was so damn much fun!!!
It was very exhausting though and today I have many bruises (the board and the wave tries to kick me) but it was worth it. Before class starts in the afternoon I will rent a board again - I can´t wait to try to stand on a board.

But before I have to fill out a small test and prepare myself for a small exam tomorrow. I will now write a test every week and in 2 weeks there will be the first important "real" exam. 6 weeks only for a term is way to short. But in the end of June everything will relax a little. Hopefully I can start traveling around by then. Seeing Maui, Kauai and the Big Island.

Ha det bra!

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