Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2007

Arrived and online!


Here I am! On this site I´d like to post some of the experiences I made in New York and of course on Hawaii. If you are interestes just keep checking my blog. I don´t want to write too much and I am also no big fan of chain-mails, so I hope this blog is enough information about me. I will also upload some pictures. At the moment the internet-situation is not so good, because I have to use some insecure wireless internet-connection. The only place, where I can receive the signal is on the microwave and I don´t like to stand all the time when I am writing. So from next Wednesday on I will have a proper internet-connection. Please also tell me how all of you are doing in Sweden and at home. I really need my connection to the other end of the world!!!

New York was great. It is really the city that never sleeps. Something always is going on. I arrived on the afternoon and had a tough journey with all my luggage untill I arrived at the hotel. My hotel was nice and very close to Times Square. In the three days I spent there I tried to do everything, what seemed important to me: looking at the Times Square, seeing a Broadway Musical (Mamma Mia, to remind me of Sweden ;-) ), went on top of the Rockefeller Center and on the Empire State Building by night, saw Greenwich Village and China Town, of course went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, travelled with the Staten Island Ferry during sunset, took 4 bus tours through the city (Brooklyn, uptown, downtown and New York by night), went into one of the Trump Towers, looked at Ground Zero (booooring, just a hole on a big place and too many tourists), had a walk in the Central Park and I went shopping of course.

All the small things like going into the M&M´s megastore (I have never seen so many M&M´s at once!!!!), seeing the MTV store, seeing the Virgin Megastore (a paradise for CD-lovers and Fans of a great variety of Music) just packed my days. I woke up very early all the time because of the Jetlag, so from 7 a.m. untill 1 a.m. I wandered through the streets of New York.

On the 8th May my journey to Honolulu started. The plane was nearly empty and so I had 3 seats on my own. Nice! When I arrived here I was picked up by a girl from my home university, because she is writing a thesis here. We have actually never met before but her welcome was very warm and of course with a flower garland, a so called "lei".

The first days I felt a bit funny, because I still felt the movement of the plane. I really needed 4 days to realize, where I actually am.
After only 3 days I found a nice appartement with view over palm trees and to the ocean in the distance. I live directly in Waikiki with many, many bars and nice places to go.

After beeing in Honolulu for 6 days university started. We are only very small classes with only 7 to 8 people. The teachers are extremely friendly and always offer help with everything. In two weeks I will have my first two exams and in 5 weeks the other two exams. And I am only talking about two classes right now. Two more classes will follow! So Timo, I am really working here (;-) ) Just wanted to stress that one.

Oh dear, I wrote too much. But I promise, that the following blogs won´t take so much space. It´s just that I had so much to tell about of the last two weeks.

Pictures will follow soon.

Machet juut, vi hörs!


Anika hat gesagt…

ha, hab grad deinen blog link auf skype endeckt :) na, das hört sich ja perfekt an! wobei ich zugeben muss, die kurse und prüfungen klingen in der tat stressig! dann wühl dich mal schön durch den stoff! ich bin gerade auch am verwaltungsrecht büffeln. meine neue station hat heute angefangen. ich vermiss meinen anwalt! freu mich schon auf die ersten bilder! drückerle, anika

der Nils hat gesagt…

Hej Svenja!

Ja dann hoffen wir mal auf ganz viele
Fotos vom definitiv wärmeren Ende der Welt ;-)

Gruss aus Sthlm!

Der Nils

Manuel hat gesagt…

ooooh weeee, sounds really, really good! Then I'll see your first pics I 'll be a bit jealous.

Berlin is watching you!