Freitag, 25. Mai 2007

Rainier than you might think

On Hawaii it actually rains quite a lot, not strong, but quite often a little bit. The more you get into the mountains the rainier it is. When you lay on the beach and look into the mountain you really want to pack your stuff together and search for a dry place. But here it is completely different: You can lay in the bright sun and watch the darkest and biggest clouds ever without being afraid of getting wet.

The mountains are like rainforest and downtown and Waikiki is city with desert-feeling on the beach.

Here are some pictures I took last weekend on the northshore. I really hoped there were bigger waves, but unfortunately the sea was flat.... The waves seemed to have moved to Waikiki. That´s the reason why I will go surfing the whole weekend ;-)

That are my two "roomies" and friends Eva (left) and Judith (right). When I return to Sweden I hopefully be as dark as Judith. Unfortunately she will leave on Monday, flying back to Germany. I am already sad :-(

"In da car": It is so great to know people with a car. You can really see something of the island. This evening Scott will pick us up and we will go to the movies watching "Pirates of the Caribbean" which actually should be a nice feeling being in a comparable surrounding :D
The more I look at that picture I come to the end that I should work more on my tan. I way to bright.... So, I go to the beach. So don´t freeze to much in Sweden.

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Claudia hat gesagt…

Hey Süße!

Ich will dir ja nicht die Hoffnung rauben, aber sooooo braun???? Ich kennen deine HAut doch fast so gut wie meine ;-)

Hört sich aber alles supi an, was du so erlebt. Hätte aber bitte auch gerne die Infos, die deine Schwester nicht lesen darf - welche denn eigentlich?

Liebe GRüße aus dem doofen Osnabrück!