Samstag, 19. Mai 2007

Beach, shopping and surfing


Yesterday I have been in the movies and watched Shrek 3 in Kaneohe, which is about half an hour away from Honolulu. Fortunately I know some people with cars. They picked me up and drove me back home afterwards. What a service!

Today I spend an entire day on the beach on the north shore. Unfortunately there were no big waves that I hoped to see. Maybe next time. But the sun was very aggressive, I used SPF 50 and still have some red spots on my skin. But still I can be proud of myself: no real sunburn so far!

After the beach Eva, Judith and me went shopping. I haven´t started counting the amount of money I spend in all the surfer shops - I think I won´t ever do it. Too painful.

Tomorrow I will try surfing for the first time. I hope I don´t hurt myself like kicking my head with the board or other funny things....

More pictures will follow. I am still too lazy for taking pictures ;-)


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Manuel hat gesagt…

this will be more and more crazy...Svenja the surfergirl.

Are there any classes for surfing??

I am really glad for you!