Freitag, 25. Mai 2007

Rainier than you might think

On Hawaii it actually rains quite a lot, not strong, but quite often a little bit. The more you get into the mountains the rainier it is. When you lay on the beach and look into the mountain you really want to pack your stuff together and search for a dry place. But here it is completely different: You can lay in the bright sun and watch the darkest and biggest clouds ever without being afraid of getting wet.

The mountains are like rainforest and downtown and Waikiki is city with desert-feeling on the beach.

Here are some pictures I took last weekend on the northshore. I really hoped there were bigger waves, but unfortunately the sea was flat.... The waves seemed to have moved to Waikiki. That´s the reason why I will go surfing the whole weekend ;-)

That are my two "roomies" and friends Eva (left) and Judith (right). When I return to Sweden I hopefully be as dark as Judith. Unfortunately she will leave on Monday, flying back to Germany. I am already sad :-(

"In da car": It is so great to know people with a car. You can really see something of the island. This evening Scott will pick us up and we will go to the movies watching "Pirates of the Caribbean" which actually should be a nice feeling being in a comparable surrounding :D
The more I look at that picture I come to the end that I should work more on my tan. I way to bright.... So, I go to the beach. So don´t freeze to much in Sweden.

Am I a sight?


There are a few things we are sure of, for example that Japanese people love taking pictures. Normally I don´t care about it, but when they´re taking pictures of me like I am an alien or some kind of sight a get a bit annoyed....

I was lying on beach, on my own. I soon recognized, that a group of Japanese guys looked at me all the time. I was preparing myself for a test in the afternoon and just tried to ignore them. I was successful until one of them decided to talk to me without even being able to build one single sentence in English.

I showed him my book, said "test" and "leave me alone". Of course he didn´t understand and continued annoying me. After 5 minutes talking to me without receiving an answer he finally left me alone - but not for good. After about 10 minutes he came back from behind me, accompanied by a friend. He satt next to me, asked "Can I take a picture of you?" and without waiting for an answer his friend took pictures. Completely bewildered the Japanese guys left me alone, after one of them showed me his baby-son on his mobile.......

But for the next time, when some completely idiotic people want to talk to me, take pictures of me, whatever,  I really try to be rude - so they don´t get the idea I am actually nice (;-) ) and can do everything with me.

Montag, 21. Mai 2007

Surrounded by lunatics??

I don´t know what´s going on on this island. It seems like all the crazy people from the American mainland are concentrated here. No single day passed where I haven´t said: I am surrounded by lunatics!

Yesterday on the beach: I was sleeping a little bit in the sun. When I opened my eyes a man was standing on the small wall behind my head, looking me straight in the eyes, asking "What´s up?". He was bleeding on his legs and in his face, looking a bit dizzy and extremely confused. When I looked at him, saying "Erm, fine" and at the same time looking for my friends to help me just in case he fell down the wall. When he got up again he looked very dirty and even more confused. His look had the potential of a mass-murder. He then walked away like nothing had happened...Luckily I had no nightmares afterwards.

The other, probably strangest thing I have ever seen in my life was a woman about 50. She came towards me and some other people. She looked quite normal, no persons you would expect doing something weird. Suddenly she stopped walking, pulled down her pair of trousers including underwear and peed right on the street. The people passing her were insulted by her: "You idiots, get off my toilet!". She even had toilet paper with her and it was during a bright day, not in the darkness!

These were only my most disturbing experiences. I also had some other experiences, that I will share on demand, but as my little sister might also read this blog I will not write it here, what else I have seen....

Surfing USA

Yesterday was the big day: I tried surfing for the first time.  It was so damn much fun!!!
It was very exhausting though and today I have many bruises (the board and the wave tries to kick me) but it was worth it. Before class starts in the afternoon I will rent a board again - I can´t wait to try to stand on a board.

But before I have to fill out a small test and prepare myself for a small exam tomorrow. I will now write a test every week and in 2 weeks there will be the first important "real" exam. 6 weeks only for a term is way to short. But in the end of June everything will relax a little. Hopefully I can start traveling around by then. Seeing Maui, Kauai and the Big Island.

Ha det bra!

Samstag, 19. Mai 2007

Beach, shopping and surfing


Yesterday I have been in the movies and watched Shrek 3 in Kaneohe, which is about half an hour away from Honolulu. Fortunately I know some people with cars. They picked me up and drove me back home afterwards. What a service!

Today I spend an entire day on the beach on the north shore. Unfortunately there were no big waves that I hoped to see. Maybe next time. But the sun was very aggressive, I used SPF 50 and still have some red spots on my skin. But still I can be proud of myself: no real sunburn so far!

After the beach Eva, Judith and me went shopping. I haven´t started counting the amount of money I spend in all the surfer shops - I think I won´t ever do it. Too painful.

Tomorrow I will try surfing for the first time. I hope I don´t hurt myself like kicking my head with the board or other funny things....

More pictures will follow. I am still too lazy for taking pictures ;-)


Freitag, 18. Mai 2007



Here are the pictures as I promised.

First some pictures of the Waikiki Beach:

That´s how it looks like, when I look in the sky lying on the beach:

That´s the view from my window and my room:

A part of my university:
These are the only pictures I have at the moment. But I hope you get an impression how I am living right now.

Donnerstag, 17. Mai 2007

Arrived and online!


Here I am! On this site I´d like to post some of the experiences I made in New York and of course on Hawaii. If you are interestes just keep checking my blog. I don´t want to write too much and I am also no big fan of chain-mails, so I hope this blog is enough information about me. I will also upload some pictures. At the moment the internet-situation is not so good, because I have to use some insecure wireless internet-connection. The only place, where I can receive the signal is on the microwave and I don´t like to stand all the time when I am writing. So from next Wednesday on I will have a proper internet-connection. Please also tell me how all of you are doing in Sweden and at home. I really need my connection to the other end of the world!!!

New York was great. It is really the city that never sleeps. Something always is going on. I arrived on the afternoon and had a tough journey with all my luggage untill I arrived at the hotel. My hotel was nice and very close to Times Square. In the three days I spent there I tried to do everything, what seemed important to me: looking at the Times Square, seeing a Broadway Musical (Mamma Mia, to remind me of Sweden ;-) ), went on top of the Rockefeller Center and on the Empire State Building by night, saw Greenwich Village and China Town, of course went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, travelled with the Staten Island Ferry during sunset, took 4 bus tours through the city (Brooklyn, uptown, downtown and New York by night), went into one of the Trump Towers, looked at Ground Zero (booooring, just a hole on a big place and too many tourists), had a walk in the Central Park and I went shopping of course.

All the small things like going into the M&M´s megastore (I have never seen so many M&M´s at once!!!!), seeing the MTV store, seeing the Virgin Megastore (a paradise for CD-lovers and Fans of a great variety of Music) just packed my days. I woke up very early all the time because of the Jetlag, so from 7 a.m. untill 1 a.m. I wandered through the streets of New York.

On the 8th May my journey to Honolulu started. The plane was nearly empty and so I had 3 seats on my own. Nice! When I arrived here I was picked up by a girl from my home university, because she is writing a thesis here. We have actually never met before but her welcome was very warm and of course with a flower garland, a so called "lei".

The first days I felt a bit funny, because I still felt the movement of the plane. I really needed 4 days to realize, where I actually am.
After only 3 days I found a nice appartement with view over palm trees and to the ocean in the distance. I live directly in Waikiki with many, many bars and nice places to go.

After beeing in Honolulu for 6 days university started. We are only very small classes with only 7 to 8 people. The teachers are extremely friendly and always offer help with everything. In two weeks I will have my first two exams and in 5 weeks the other two exams. And I am only talking about two classes right now. Two more classes will follow! So Timo, I am really working here (;-) ) Just wanted to stress that one.

Oh dear, I wrote too much. But I promise, that the following blogs won´t take so much space. It´s just that I had so much to tell about of the last two weeks.

Pictures will follow soon.

Machet juut, vi hörs!