Donnerstag, 6. September 2007

Long time no talk - now back in Sweden

I have been pretty lazy in August, but Britt and Holger were visiting me and so there was a lot to do.

I am just going to upload some pictures and let the pictures speak for me.

One day in the Polynesian Cultural Center:

Was the food really that tasty?

Yeah, watching a pighunt is so great......

Kailua Beach:

To which island are we going? Maui!

Just arrived on Maui:

Big Beach on Maui:

Healthy breakfast:

Surfing in Lahaina:


Sandy Beach on Oahu. There is something good about the hurricane season: BIIIIIIG waves!

Jaja, somewhere over the rainbow:

Driving around on Oahu:

A bay close to Sandy Beach:

A regular sandwich :-)

Surfing USA:

A great evening in Senor Frogs. Long live balloon hats!!!

After a nice shopping day in the Ala Moana Shopping Center we went to the California PIzza Kitchen. Soooo tasty!

Saying good-bye to my board (I am still sad for having to give it away :-( )

Camping at the North Shore at the Pipeline Beach (Ana, David and Holger):


Last day in Fort de Russy with Ana:

Back in Sweden, one eye is crying, the other one smiling (although there is no way not to miss the Hawaiian weather :-( )

I am so happy for having had the great opportunity to go to Hawaii and meet great people. I won very close friends, who I already miss soooo much. Hope to see you somewhere again...


Holger hat gesagt…

ich will da wieder hin, hier ist es zu kalt und das Meer ist zu weit weg... :S

sebastian hat gesagt…

frechheit! absolute frechheit! sowas öffentlich auszustellen... tz... ich bin soooo neidisch! geh dann mal arbeiten... -.-

Chris Robideaux hat gesagt…

Hey Svenja...I just won a 5-day trip to Hawaii and $1,000 from my Christmas work party! Can't wait to feel the sand between my toes and the ocean engulf me...