Mittwoch, 13. Juni 2007


Here are some pictures of my 4-day-trip to Kauai. This is Honolulu in the early morning:

Without a car you nearly have no chance of seeing something of this island. During these four days I only saw two busses....

Jana accompanied me. This is early in the morning, when we were searching for the Kipu waterfall. It was not so easy finding the right mud-path ;-)

After we found the tiny path, we needed to climb a little on slippery stones - what a fun.

The waterfall!

From a long rope you could jump into the water:

The spouting horn on the south coast of Kauai:

Around the island you have a lot scenic overlooks over beautiful valleys, waterfalls etc

hanapepe, the town with the swinging bridge:

The most beautiful beach I have ever seen: The Polihale beach park. Nearly no people there, no shadow, only sand and water. In the water we also saw two sea-turtles, amazing!

Greeting from Kauai:

Another waterfall ;-)

And another one:

Another scenic overview over the beautiful coast close to Wailua.

Sunset on a beach at the west-coast with a fisherman:

Jana and me were hiking an the Kalalau-trail. It was sooooo exhausting, but totally worth it!

The Na Pali coast:

Hawaii and its currents. A somehow funny sign on the trail:

A beautiful beach after 2 miles of hiking. Unfortunately there were not so many beaches on the next 6 miles we hiked. So we had to take showers in cold rivers. I was never so soaked in sweat before - so I didn´t really care were to shower - just some fresh water was important.

This it how the trail looked like in some areas. We needed to crawl on all fours to not fall a long way down.

Our sleeping-place at the 6-miles camp, after we decided to turn around at the 8 miles. For camping at the 11 mile beach, at the end of the hiking-trail, you needed a permission, which we didn´t have. And reaching the 11 miles completely done with everything and then being sent back by the rangers... the risk was to high for us, as we also were so exhausted at the 8 miles. So we went back and slept at 7 p.m. :-)

The day we returned from hiking ( we were hiking the whole Saturday and half the Sunday) we decided we need to relax and picked out some nice beaches:

And of courses we had some bbq on the beach. The bag with cole said "just light up with a lighter". They didn´t tell us how hard it is to "just" light das bag up. An American woman saw us struggling with the bag and helped us out with her flame thrower. After 5 seconds the whole bag was on fire, yay!

OOOOOH, how we enjoyed our fish. Yammy, I am hungry again!


It is just incredible how many amazing canyons fit on such a small island like Kauai. This is the Waimea Canyon:

4 days on kauai were enough. You probably wouldn´t survive more days, and we desperately needed a shower. We felt a little like after a festival. It took me one more day to really arrive in the real world again. Tired but happy we returned to Honolulu. You don´t want to know how we smelt.

@Claudia: Du würdest dich wundern, wie braun ich schon geworden bin, auch wenn die Bilder das nicht unbedingt zeigen. Uuuuhuuund: ich bin braun geworden ohne zu vebrrennen, was wohl seit Kindertagen bei mir ein Novum ist. Surfshirt und Shorts machens möglich, und LSF 50 ;-)
Muss die Tage aber nochmal n bissel in die Sonne, sitze viel zu oft zuhause mit Unikrempel - ich sags dir, die Bräune kommt noch (aber vermutlich nie so dolle wie bei Judith - so gut kennst du meine Haut dann also doch :D)

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